When Jeremy first started practicing yoga in 2015, he immediately noticed the physical improvement in his body: more flexibility and body awareness. Shortly thereafter, he coupled his yoga practice with meditation then soon noticed the positive impact his practice had on his mental health: his anxiety was easier to manage and his patience grew. Later he’d notice how his better-managed anxiety resulted in deeper, longer breathing, which in turn deepened his physical practice.
Jeremy is now RYT 200 hour-certified and teaches yoga and mobility, as a way to share his learnings and inspire others to discover and deepen their mind-body connection. He brings a calm yet playful energy to his classes, which are a blend of various styles of yoga (including Katonah, Bikram, Ashtanga and Forrest) and mobility practices. He aims to hold a space for students of any level to turn inwardly to deepen their understanding of self and strengthen their physical body.