meditation classes exhale shelton ctReset your mind with a wide variety of fun and inspirational meditation classes that will help you regain mental clarity, reduce stress, and feel energized.

Exhale – our signature meditation session
Relieve body and mind from anxiety as you unwind.

Lunch Break Breather
Prepare yourself for a peaceful and productive afternoon.

Tune into You – Sound Healing
An immersive experience of soothing sounds to harness music’s powers of rejuvenation.

Profound Sleep
Lie back, relax and be guided into a state of twilight consciousness (between waking and sleeping) to nourish cells and reduce tension.

Breath Work
Get the wind back in your sails by supercharging your lungs with deep, rhythmic breathing that does not require you to be flexible, or in shape to get results!


Yoga classes Exhale Shelton CTRecharge your body with yoga classes that provide mindful movement to help you regain physical and mental clarity, build strength and increase mobility.

Get Flowing
Beginners learn the benefits of poses in sequence.

Restorative Yoga
Balance your inner and outer worlds through restorative poses at a gentle pace.

Flow for All
One pose leads to the next in an flowing sequence guided by your own breath. This class is open to all levels.

Power Hour
An upbeat flow of poses with attention to core body alignment, rhythmic breathing and building up strength by holding poses a little longer than in other classes.

Relax Into Yin
Ease into more openness, flexibility and slow release of muscles and other body tissues in seated and lying-down poses.