Founder’s Story

Hello and welcome to a relaxing mental recharge like you’ve never experienced, bringing you into a state of flow.

If you’re like me, you may have discovered that a productive business career and success raising a family are not always enough to keep us healthy and happy. At some point, we find that we need a place all our own where we can reduce stress, increase wellbeing, and take time to remember what really matters. A place without rules, obligations or confining traditions.

That’s why I created Exhale Studio. After developing a regular practice of mindful ”unplugging” through meditation, I want everyone to have the chance to show up mindfully for their goals and desires, families and workplaces. Everything about Exhale is designed to help make breath and body work more accessible, physically and philosophically.

Try our modern, uncluttered approach to meditation and yoga. 

In our studio, people can gather to unwind, take a break from heavy decision-making and get to a clear state of bliss. At Exhale, we strive to create an environment that is equally inviting and transformational for the experienced meditator and someone brand new to the practice.

My own catalyzing experience was during a yoga class that had a meditation component. It was the first time I realized that I spent most of my life holding my breath. What a difference it makes to learn how to breathe!

I started going to teacher training not just for myself, but also for my family. As a household member and a business owner, I have a family that relies on me, and my husband and I have employees that rely on us. I wanted to be a better person for them, and to give them the tools that would help them benefit from the practice of meditation.

While I was doing the teacher training, I became more and more attracted to meditation. While physical bodywork has well-publicized benefits, I definitely found breathwork to be even more helpful. In a way, that’s not surprising. Breath, after all, is where it all begins.

So, I was particularly inspired to come across a study conducted by Harvard neuroscientist Sara Lazar which shows that after 56 consistent days of meditation, MRI evaluation shows the part of your brain that controls memory, learning and happiness grows BIGGER.  Meanwhile, the part of your brain that controls anxiety, fear, and fight-or-flight actually shrinks!

You can be sure we’re staying up-to-date with on the latest findings and ongoing research while offering classes every day taught by experienced teachers who are ready to help you find your balance. When you come to one of our classes, you can expect to come into a tranquil space, get in touch with the source of your inspiration and leave feeling incredibly better than when you came in.

Shelton, Connecticut is the perfect place for a studio like this. It’s a growing area with residents who are receptive and excited for new things. We are pleased to open as part of a growing, professional business community

We look forward to your presence in our studio.

Exhale and Let Go,



©️ Photo taken at Unplug Meditation, Santa Monica, CA by Jason Abraham