Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register for classes the day before?
Ideally, you should register the day before to save yourself a spot (some of our classes fill up quickly!). That said, if you’re feeling spontaneous and want to drop in for a class, you can register right before class as long as there are spots available.

Note: The 6:30am classes are the only classes where you must pre-register the night before. Drop-ins are not allowed.

Where can I register for classes?
You can register on our website, on our app, on the phone by calling us at 203 712 0802, or in the studio.

How early should I arrive for class?
Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class so you have adequate time to make yourself comfortable. If you’ve never taken a class before, please arrive at least 15 minutes early so you have time to fill out our registration forms and liability waver.

What is Exhale’s late policy?
We understand that sometimes things happen and you can be late for class. We do allow students to join a yoga class up to 5 minutes late but have a no late entrance policy for the meditation classes.

What is the age minimum for a class? I want to bring my kid/teen!
All our classes are open to anyone age 12 and up. If your teen is under 12 but is interested in trying any of our classes and can participate without disturbing, we would be happy to welcome him/her to the studio. We will soon be offering kids yoga classes for this very purpose.

Why does the ipad show that I’m already checked in?
If you register for a class on our app, or register a few hours before class starts, our software will assume you’re coming to class and will automatically check you in.

Can I wear my shoes inside?
Shoes are allowed indoors, just not in the studios. We provide cubbies to store your shoes and other personal belongings.

Do you have changing rooms?
We do! There are two changing rooms in the back as well as two bathrooms.

Where do I put my belongings?
We have cubbies and a coat rack in the back for you to leave your belongings. At the moment, we do not have lockable storage spaces, but we do have security cameras for added protection. If you are still worried about leaving your valuables in the cubbies, we advise you either leave your items in your car or ask the front desk to stow them in the front.

What is your cell phone policy?
Cell phones are not allowed in class and must be put on silent when left in the common area.

Do you offer discounts?
We offer a 10% discount to seniors (over 65) and students (please bring a school ID at your first visit).

Do I have to pay for the workshops?
Our regular weekly workshops are treated the same as a class. If you have an unlimited membership, the workshop is already paid for. If you have a 5-class pass or 10-class pass, the workshop would count as one of your allotted classes. If you have no membership, then you would pay the $18 drop in price.

Some workshops are special and have different pricing. Feel free to give us a call if you need a price confirmed.

Where do I go if I have questions?
Feel free to call us at 203 712 0802, talk to the front desk, or email us at

Where can I leave a suggestion?
You can leave an anonymous note in our suggestion box in the common area, tell our front staff, or email us at

How clean do you keep the studios?
Cleanliness is a big priority for us, so we have our staff clean the entire studio every day. This includes wiping down the mats after every yoga class, regularly washing the meditation room’s blankets, lint rolling the meditation room’s seats, as well as other general cleaning like sweeping, vacuuming, and dusting. We also professionally wash the floors once a week.

When does my intro month membership start?
Your membership starts on the first day you take a class, not the day you purchased it. For example, if you bought the membership then suddenly came down with the flu before taking a class, your membership would start the day you come back.

What is the cancellation policy?
It’s easy to cancel! Each membership has a 3-month minimum commitment. and after that, all memberships will auto renew unless the client sends an email to cancel. It is the client’s responsibility to stop the automatic payment before the date that their monthly membership renews.

Send a membership cancellation request email to, at any time prior to 5 days before your monthly billing cycle date.
– An email sent to the correct email address above is proof of your membership cancellation request. We will confirm the request once it has been processed. If a confirmation email has not been received within three (3) business days, please call the studio.
– A membership cancellation request sent within the 5 day period prior to your monthly billing date will incur a 45% service charge to cancel. To avoid service charges, all cancellation requests must occur 5 business days before your billing date via email.
– There are no refunds if a membership cancellation request has been received after the card is charged.
– Monthly memberships may not be used by, or transferred to, another person.

What is the workshop, series, and special event cancellation policy?
A full refund will be issued if you notify us in writing at at least 4 days prior to the event. A studio credit will be issued to your account if you cancel within 4 days of the event. Cancellations less than 24 hours before the event will result in no refund. If Exhale Studio cancels an event, a full refund will be issued.

Can I suspend my membership?
Your membership can be placed on hold for any reason up to a maximum of 2 months–perfect for if you need to take a break or are going on holiday!
Send membership suspension or hold requests to

– All membership changes must be submitted via email 5 days before your monthly billing cycle date.
– If a membership suspension or hold request is sent within the 5 day period prior to your monthly billing date, the suspension cannot be processed.
– Suspensions can only be processed for a minimum of 1 month–billing cycle to billing cycle.
– Membership suspension or holds can be a maximum of 2 consecutive months, unless otherwise authorized by the general manager in writing.
– All membership suspensions must be submitted via email to

Do I need to bring a mat (or anything else in particular)?
Nope! We supply everything you could possibly need, including mats, blocks, straps, and blankets. Just bring appropriate clothes, a water bottle, and yourself.

Can I bring my own mat?
Absolutely! If you love your mat, feel free to roll it on top of ours.

Do I need to be barefoot at yoga? Or should I wear socks?
Barefoot is cool; socks are also cool. It all depends on your personal preference!

I’ve never done yoga/I have an injury/it’s been a long time since I’ve done yoga. What classes should I take?
We suggest taking the slower-paced classes like Restorative Yoga, Get Flowing: Yoga 101, Slow Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Yoga for Strong Bones. We also recommend informing your instructor before class just to let them know that you may require more adjustments.

What are the beginner classes?
We have lots of slower-paced classes that are well suited for beginners. These include: Restorative Yoga, Get Flowing: Yoga 101, Slow Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Yoga for Strong Bones. We also offer all-level classes called Flow for All. For any class, we recommend talking to the instructor beforehand to let them know that you are brand new to yoga, or if there’s anything pertinent they should know, like if you have a physical limitation and need adjustments.

Why should I do yoga?
Meditation doesn’t always involve sitting still. Sometimes a mindful movement can be a form of meditation as well. Yoga can be that mindful movement, and at Exhale Studio we offer a selection of yoga classes designed to help you regain your physical and mental clarity. Read more about the benefits of yoga on our yoga page!

Do I need to wear anything special for meditation?
Nope! You can wear anything you like, so long as you’re comfortable.

Are there different levels to meditation?
Nope! All our meditation classes are open to everyone.

It’s hard for me to sit on the floor. Can I still take meditation classes?
Absolutely! We provide folding chairs for this very purpose.

I can’t do meditation because I can’t turn my thoughts off.
We can’t turn our thoughts off either! The human brain has 50,000-80,000 thoughts a day—it’s literally impossible for anyone to turn them all off. The point of meditation is not to silence the mind, but to practice awareness. When you have a thought, simply acknowledge it, then go back to focusing on the breath (or sounds, mantras, etc.). By continuously switching your brain from thinking to being present, you’re training your brain to become more mindful. Think of meditation as a practice, not as an act that must be done perfectly.

What if I can’t sit still?
It’s perfectly fine to fidget or shift during meditation. Touch, scratch, or move whatever needs to be moved to feel comfortable, then focus back on the breath.

Why should I meditate?
It’s been scientifically proven that regular meditation changes the brain to be more mindful, happy, and relaxed and become less stressed and anxious. Other benefits include more restful sleep, being able to handle challenges better, a stronger immune system, slower aging, releasing tension. Read more about the benefits of meditation on our meditation page!